PCR development process

A Product Category Rule (PCR) is openly and collaboratively developed with multiple interested parties (Stakeholders) to ensure the integrity and transparency of the resulting EPDs.

EPDIndia is responsible for developing and publishing PCRs for a Product Category, or identifying an existing PCR to be used in the development of the EPD. Under International Standards, an existing PCR can be adopted as it is or modified to reflect product or regional specifics.https://www.epdindia.in/

If an existing PCR is not available, EPDIndia provides a Manufacturer or a group of Manufacturers with the support to develop a new PCR that will be verified by a Committee of Experts.

A PCR is developed according to the following process:

Phase Activity
  • Express and motivate the need for a PCR
  • Perform existing PCRs search
  • Announce intention to develop a PCR
  • Establish the PCR Committee
  • Appoint the Moderator
  • Define the Product Category
  • Define the LCA scope and goal (ISO 14040)
  • Define the inventory analysis
  • Select the Impact Categories
  • Select additional environmntal information
  • Control the draft before consultation
Public Consultation
  • Set up the Stakeholder Consultation Group
  • Invite people to take part in the consultation
  • Collect comments
  • Reply to Comment
  • Prepare the final PCR draft
Approval and Publication
  • Review of the PCR
  • Set the validity of PCR documents
  • Approve the PCR
  • Publish the PCR
  • Collect comments on PCR documents
  • Review the PCR documents
  • Approve changes on PCR documents
  • Publish the reviewed PCR version

Download the Application Form to develop a PCR:

Application Form Under development

The UN CPC international classification (Central Product Classification), in its updated version, allows for the definition of the scope of application of the PCR. The classification can be used to identify the product groups for which PCRs are arranged and to define, in a systematic way, the PCR documents within the EPDIndia Programme.

Download the UN CPC Document: