Openness, Transparency & Scientific character

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), or Type III Environmental Declarations, require an independent agency, called Program Operator, to provide the market and the interested parties with confidence that a declaration complies with ISO 14025 Requirements, so ensuring its recognition.

The overall objective of EPDIndia Program Operator is “to supervise the full EPD development process and to confirm that fundamental steps in creating an EPD are followed in accordance with ISO 14025 Requirements“.

The functions of an EPD Programme Operator include:

  1. Selecting existing suitable Product Category Rules (PCR) where they exist
  2. Modifying existing PCRs as required to create specific PCRs for the products under consideration for the EPD development
  3. Developing new PCRs where none exist
  4. Maintaining a transparent procedure for the review of existing PCRs and new PCRs for compliance with these programme rules and relevant standards
  5. Ensuring the selection of competent independent PCR Review Panel when PCRs are modified or new are being considered for adoption.
  6. Establishing the procedure for EPD Verification.
  7. Ensuring the selection of competent EPD verifiers.
  8. Preparing and publishing verified EPDs.
  9. Maintaining publicly available lists and records of PCR documents and EPDs verified within the programme.
  10. Revising, re-issuing and implementing the Programme Operator Instructions and Documents when necessary.
  11. Making the Program Operator Instructions publically available at

EPDIndia Programme Operator provides all the interested parties with confidence of:

  • Voluntariness
  • Consistency (with the principles of ISO 14020 Standard)
  • Openness (based on a formal consultation mechanism for the participation of interested parties)
  • Product functionality (the fitness for purpose of the product and of the levels of performance are taken into account)
  • Transparency (through all stages if their development and operation, implying that information shall be available to interested parties for inspection and comment, where and if appropriate)
  • Accessibility (assurance that application and participation are open to all potential applicants fulfilling the specific data requirements for a given Product Category and the other program requirements)
  • Scientific character (assurance that methodologies to develop EPDs are based on sound scientific and engineering approaches and can accurately reflect and communicate the environmental aspects contained in the declaration)
  • Confidentiality (all information, identified as confidential are kept so)