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Eco Platform hosted the 6th of October at Bibliothèque Solvay in Brussels an event to present the last developments of the organization providing European Environmental Declarations (EPD).

It was an important opportunity to receive the last update about the Eco Platform activities, to participate in a lively debate about the role of Eco Platform EPD in the European market, the use of Epd  in the Green Building protocols and in the national standards, but also to discover the advantages of using the common format of the Eco-EPD and to learn about the current standardization policies Cen and ISO level, in particular on how to align the standard EPD with the methodology Pef.

Eco Platform, of which ICMQ is a founding member, is the association of all the European Program Operator and whose objective is to support the harmonization of European EPD relating to construction products.
Because of the lack of a common European format, the different sustainability certification schemes that reward the buildings the presence of an Environmental Product Declaration have focused on Epd drafted with different formats for each nation; consequently the EPD needs to be recognized in all the sustainability rating systems in Europe in order to reduce the difficulties of the producers.

All the European Program Operator have thus formed an alliance with the aim of developing a common European solution, the Eco-EPD, recognized across Europe.

The European Eco-EPD has existed since 2014 and is beginning to replace the previous national solutions. Its added value is the possibility of being used in all European markets, and also in the international ones.

Even Italy is present in Eco Platform, and then in Europe, with the Program Operator EPDItaly, created by ICMQ.

EPDItaly recently awarded the Eco- EPD Mark to the Environmental Product Declarations of five companies that produce steel for reinforced concrete:

  • Acciaierie di Sicilia Spa
  • Alfa Acciai Spa
  • Feralpi Siderurgica Spa
  • Ferriera Valsabbia Spa
  • Industrie Riunite Odolesi Spa

The event ended with the handover of the last Eco Platform EPD issued by our program operations.

All the Epd are at disposal at this web site (https://www.epdindia.in/en/epd/) and at



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