Life Cicle Assessment (LCA) Verification

According to ISO 14025 the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Verification must be conducted by a Third Party Independent Body to ensure the declaration complies with all general EPDIndia instructions.

The independent verification of data from LCA – both Life Cycle Invenctory (LCI) and Life Cicle Impact Assessment (LCIA) – and of additional environmental information shall confirm the following:

  • conformance with the Product Category Rules (PCR)
  • conformance with the ISO 14040 series of Standards
  • conformance with EPDIndia instructions
  • that the data evaluation includes coverage, precision, completeness, representativeness, reproducibility, sources and uncertainty
  • the plausibility, quality and accuracy of the LCA-based data
  • the quality and accuracy of additional envrronmenlal information
  • the quality and accuracy of the supporting information

Third Party Bodies must be approved by EPDIndia (e.g. ICMQ India) to assure that verifiers have not been involved in the execution of the LCA or the development of the declaration and do not have conflicts of interests with the Organization submitting the LCA and the EPD.