Product Category Rules (PCR)

A Product Category Rules (PCR) is defined as a “set of specific rules, requirements and guidelines for developing Type III Environmental Product Declarations for one or more products categories” (ISO 14025).

In simple words the PCR is a reference document specifying provisions for conducting the LCA (collecting, measuring and reporting data) and preparing an EPD to ensure comparability between products that perform the same functions.

PCRs must be prepared in compliance with ISO 14025 requirements and must contain the following key elements:

  • Description and definition of the product category
  • Functional unit of the product category
  • Boundaries of the product system analyzed in the LCA
  • Criteria for the inclusion of inputs and outputs in the LCA
  • Life-cycle impact categories to be analyzed
  • Data quality requirements
  • Description of the content and form of the EPD

In order to improve the comparability of EPDs for construction products and construction services the EN 15804 has been introduced in Europe to set core Product Category Rules.

According to EN 15804 the core PCR for construction products:

  • defines the parameters to be declared and the way in which they are collated and reported
  • describes which stages of a Product’s Life Cycle are considered in the EPD and which processes are to be included in the life cycle stages
  • defines rules for the development of scenarios
  • includes the rules for calculating the Life Cycle Inventory and the Life Cycle Impact Assessment underlying the EPD, including the specification of the data quality to be applied
  • includes the rules for reporting predetermined environmental and health information not covered by LCA for a product, construction process and construction service where necessary
  • defines the conditions under which construction products can be compared, based on the information provided by EPD.

The EPD of construction services follows the same rules and requirements of EPD for construction products.


We inform you that it has been published the new version of PCR EPDIndia -001/17 rev 0 “Building materials and Constructions and Services”.