Preliminary Validation

In order to facilitate the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) which strengths the  consumer/market sensitivity towards a conscious purchase of a product on the basis of their environmental performance, and EPD,  under some conditions, can be developed without a refent Product Category Rule (PCR).

The EPDIndia Programme establishes that an EPD can be registered by following only the criteria of Regulations, if there is no appropriate PCR document. This Preliminary Validation is valid for 18 months and is not renewable. Preliminary Validation is the first step to develop a PCR since it can prompt a discussion between the various Stakeholders.

To obtain the Preliminary Validation via an independent verifier’s validation, the format and minimum content of the EPD must be in accordance with the provisions of Regulations (cfr. § 4), and the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study must be developed in accordance with ISO 14040 and 14044 Standards, and EN 15804 for construction products.

The Preliminary Validation and its duration must be clearly indicated in the EPD.